Welcome to X-Consultant !

The best your way for your consulting, services and solving the problem. It is like as the best have a good detection problem, analyzing, implementation and the final result. All of it with expert services, excellent support, friendly cost and fast time. All things need to Consulting, Services, and Solutions. We can solve your problem with our solutions.

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Bussiness Consultant

Too many bussiness failed in half way, cause something hidden. How we can see that ? Research, Study and survey we can find them and solve them. Then make your problem gone and bussiness still on your way.

Civil Engineering

Making your Civil Project more effective and Effesien with good analytic, design and excellent project implementations. We present transparancy and friendly cost for your project.

Engineering Consultant

Hello Home & Industrial, now we present solution for Home & Industrial Electrical. If you build and a house/industrial we can help too for design, execute and maintenance.

Finance Consultant

Peoples and bussiness will have financial problem like. We can detect where is the problem and solve it with our solutions like (COGS, AUDIT, TAX and ETC)

IT Consultant

This Era need more information and technology to boost your person, team and business. We can help you with our solutions like hardware solutions for solve you needed of hardware supply. Help your infrasturucetere networke and software for boost your paper and business like security system, mobile apps, ERP, Cargo and other else.

Machinery Engineering

Hello Manufacture, we know how much you pay for specialist of machinery and machinery item. We present for you excellent machinery engineer and item support with friendly cost, effective and effesient solution.



We will do our best analysis to find the appropriate problem and the best solution to solve the problem

Excellent Service

Always give excellent service to our clients to make an relationship continue and excellent result. It's our point for survey, detect problem, solving, implementation until final result.

Friendly Cost

Too many consultant give expensive cost for an solutions and solving the problem, but not us. We proud friendly cost budget for every our customers and we will give best services and solutions

Fast Time

Make decision and solving the problem more effecient, cause we know customers time is money. We dont want to wasting our customers time.

How do we work ?

Detect problem
Split Solutions into parts
Final Result